NACSA Newsletter May 2016

The National Adoption Coalition, is slowly becoming a formidable voice in the Child Protection arena in South Africa. Our membership continues to grow as does our support and influence on both social and government agendas. As we start a fresh New Year with more wonderful things planned ahead we thought we would take this opportunity to remind you of all we achieved in 2015 and to let you know of our plans for the New Year. A lot of hard work, good people and motivation led us to the launch and implementation of three successful campaigns in 2015, the Courage Child Protection community engagement progamme, the Choose to Care crisis pregnancy campaign and support centre, and the Choose to Care Child Abandonment awareness campaign. We have a number of new campaigns planned for 2016 as well as a new conference so be sure to join or renew your NACSA membership, you will find details for this at the end of the letter.

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