Debate rages on about law change that will make it illegal to charge for adoption services

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A debate is raging over a proposed amendment to the Child Care Act that would outlaw charging fees for adoption services. The amendment is expected to be passed by the end of the year, as part of a number of changes to the Act.

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Adoption amendments threaten vulnerable children

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Families are the bedrock of any society and are the most important social unit in providing a nurturing and supportive environment for children to thrive and grow. In a country with an estimated 3.7 million orphaned and vulnerable children, legislation should facilitate the seamless adoptions.

Proposed Amendments to the CHILDREN’S AMENDMENT BILL OF 2018

Proposed Amendments to the CHILDREN’S AMENDMENT BILL OF 2018 will devastate the rights of children to permanent alternative care through adoption

Opinion by Katinka Pieterse, Chairperson National Adoption Coalition of SA (NACSA)

The Department of Social Development (DSD) has drafted last minute changes to the proposed draft amendments that are aimed at excluding all private professionals from the adoption process in South Africa. The proposals include making it illegal for anyone working in the adoption sector to charge a fee for their services.

These specific amendments dealing with professional fees and adoptions were made by the DSD and hastily pushed through after the initial consultation processes with the NGO sector had already been completed in July and August 2018.  These changes were not part of the drafts that were consulted with the adoption sector and role players before, and in which NACSA participated in at both national and provincial levels.

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Department of social development argues for removal of adoption fees

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The department says there is no reason why adoption services should be isolated and receive special focus. The national department of social development on Thursday said fees should not be charged for adoption as it was not a business but a child protection measure.