The National Adoption Coalition has engaged Trainiac, a picture based learning company, to assist in the development of a community engagement training programme around adoption, entitled the Community Engagement Programme. The programme aims to explore the concept of adoption and why it is so important to ensure a sustainable future for South Africa. It maps out the adoption process, as well as looking at what happens when a child is abandoned, and the options available to a person who is going through a crisis pregnancy.

The programme also explores the kinds of values and behaviours that support adoption and the building of a sustainable community that puts its children’s needs first. If you would like more information about the NACSA Community Engagement Programme, please e-mail

Choose to Care Toolkit:

Please find an electronic version of the following printable elements below. You may download them for free and have them printed at your local printer.

A1 CTC Community Map
A1 CTC Sex Conception & Pregnancy Awareness
A1 CTC Option Counselling for Crisis Pregnancy
A1 CTC Process for Abandoned Child
A1 CTC Process for Adoption
A4 print ads V7 – Aimed at men
A4 print ads V7 – Aimed at parents
A4 print ads V7 – Aimed at parents
Crisis Pregnancy Campaign Intro
Mini Facilitator Overview